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Variable Compression Engine


I am selling plans (52 pages of text and drawings) and a 1300 picture CD showing you how to build the VARIABLE COMPRESSION engine.The engine is a 1' BORE x 1" STROKE vertical single cylinder, timing belt driven over head camshaft, electronic ignition, electric fan cooled, gas fueled engine.You can change the compression ratio after the engine is built.The compression change is a simple mechanical adjustment. The "squish" space of the engine can be changed from aprox. .437" down to .045".

The engine is built from all bar stock material, (no castings to ruin and replace)....The vari-compression engine block , cooling fins, head, and cam rack are made from 3" O.D. aluminum.The block end plates are made out of 1/4" X 3" X 3" aluminum angle, all common materials.The crankshaft is mounted in two ball bearings , the timing belt idler pulley is also ball bearing mounted.The carburetor is a OS Max model airplane carb.The plan set has all of the information where to find and buy all of the material, hardware, ignition, and mechanical parts for the engine. I have for sale the (3) bearings , cooling fan, and spark plug needed for the engine.

The engine is a good building engine for the newer engine builder. There are NO impossible to build parts in this engine. There are 1300 pictures on the CD, showing parts, tooling set ups, and assembly of the engine. The builder can refer to the text, drawings, and the picture CD for information during the build time. My telephone number, and email address are on the plan set, and I will be available to answer your questions at any time.The original engine was a "fun" to build engine, and the start up was very easy. The engine as built is a "good" running engine, and very quick to the throttle.

The cost for the plan set and CD (shipping included) in the USA is $35.00. Outside of the USA buyers, please contact me Dale Detrich at djdtrh@cros.net for shipping costs.

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