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The Brass Model "T" Engine

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The Brass Model "T" Engine plans (37 pages of drawings and 980 picture  cd) showing in great detail the information needed to build the brass "t' engine The engine is a scratch built design by Dale Detrich. The engine is built using a 3/4" cast brass plumbing "t" fitting which can be purchased at almost all big box stores. The engine is has a 3/4" bore and a 5/8" stroke, and the crankshaft is supported by four ball bearings, and a brass bushing for a strong bottom end. Cooling is provided by a combination fan and flywheel. Carburator is a model airplane, and the ignition is provided by a mjn c.d. module.

The brass Model "T" is an overhead valve (pushrod operated). Splash oiled lubrication and the engine has a open side mounted cam, and cam followers. This provides a open air design which provides a open air look for all to see the workings of the engine. The engine is a easy starting and a strong runner While the engine is a fast builder, it is a fine engine for the "newer builder."

The engine has "no" impossible parts to build, and the plan set and CD provides you with a almost step-by-step instructions to a finished engine. If you have any questions, you can get in touch with me by e-mail or by telephone. I am home almost every evening and I will help you any way that I can. The plan set provides you with the information of machining tips, and where to buy the parts and the materials needed for the engine. Please visit www.daledetrich.com,  to see some of my "stuff." You can see the engine in better detail at www.floridaame.org. Just click on the gallery tab, then click on the vertical single engines, and look for the engine. I try to ship the plans the same day as I receive payment. So with Paypal, you can have the plans and in the mail tomorrow. The "Brass Model "T" Engine" after startup is now turning 6000 + rpm. The plan set plus the 980 picture CD plus USA shipping cost is $ 32.00 (wood box and gas tank not included).

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