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2 Cylinder Engine


The twin cylinder horizontally opposed over head valve engine. The engine was done in bright brass to provide a nice looking engine, built in about four months time. This engine is fun to build, presenting some new challenges. building the twin carbs. Modeled after model airplane carbs., making and setting up the twin cams. The engine was started up without too much trouble, and runs well. Alternate firing cylinders gives a nice exhaust sound. Bore .750" - stroke .750" - o.h.v. 4 cycle - twin cams, twin carbs, lube is wet sump/splash oiled, ignition 12 volt-single points, twin coils-wasted spark ignition, adjustable timing screw in removable cylinder all bar stock construction. (NO Castings) --- Buy this today and you will get a bonus CD which includes over 650 photos of parts, tooling setup and assembly! I am also available to help you and any questions you might have while building your very own engine. The engine pictured in this sale is not included. The plans , CD and (USA) shipping and handling is $40.00. Outside the USA buyers, please get in touch with me at djdtrh@cros.net for shipping costs.

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